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Anthony Custable

Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony holds several years building high-growth mobile and web applications for startups, large enterprises, and government. He has designed, led, and managed products and technologies that millions across the globe use today. As CEO, he serves clients by enhancing their infrastructure in various technologies.


Jackson Blankenship

Co-Founder & CTO

Jackson has a passion for building and scaling custom software. Before Flylance, he developed proprietary full-stack technologies and disaster recovery solutions for the DTCC. As CTO, he builds and maintains Flylance’s IT infrastructure. He also works closely with the recruitment team to qualify talent.


Tim Wilcox

Global Head of Sales

Tim has over two decades of business development experience, spending much of his career in the capital markets space. He specializes in connecting customers with next-generation technologies and hard-to-acquire talent.


Hugh Lyle

VP of Business Development

Hugh serves as Flylance’s Business Development Executive. He leads the charge on finding top-tier candidates and full-cycle facilitation for our clients. He is a technical process expert who concentrates on developing and maintaining meaningful relationships over time.

Brief History

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Took Flight On

January 2015
Our CEO began this journey back in 2015 when his primary focus was freelancing within the web development arena. He has since evolved it into a company that focuses on enterprise-level technology projects.

Board Formation

November 2020
Our advisory board consists of extremely experienced information technology professionals who have built and shaped innovative solutions for various fortune 500 companies. They now focus their energy on helping Flylance become a dominant player in the technology services arena.

External Funding Round

December 2020
Our team of investors have backed our strategy and vision moving forward. Our capabilities are endless, and we continue to innovate and grow every single day to provide our clients the absolute best experience.
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