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Why Us?

Competitive Pricing
U.S. Timezones
72 Hour Submissions


Eager to earn your trust with every step.

Our mission

is to submit highly qualified and affordable IT contractors within 72 hours.


Our engineers are just as skilled and qualified as developers in other parts of the world.


more cost-effective than offshore alternatives.
  • The average salary for a software developer in Latin America is $40,000 USD, compared to $100,000 USD in the US, $70,000 USD in Eastern Europe, and $60,000 USD in India.
  • We do not price gouge like larger firms do.
  • Our nearshore rates are on average 40% less than onshore.
Clear communication is key.
According to a study by EF English Proficiency Index, 60% of adults in Latin America have an intermediate or advanced level of English, compared to 50% in the US, 40% in Eastern Europe, and 30% in India.

We aim for 72 hours

from when an open job is shared to profile submission.
  • Our recruitment team is always on the ready.
  • We have an incredibly vast candidate database.
  • Requirements outside of our specialties may require more time.
  • In some cases, submissions can be made on the same day.


Web technologies

are influencing the way we use devices.
We know that thoughtful web & mobile development directly attributes to how your platform performs.
  • React, Angular, Flutter, Vue, Node, Express, and more
  • Firebase, MongoDB, AWS, Azure, and more
  • Design System Implementation
  • Native IOS & Android
  • UX research, testing, prototyping, and more
  • Browser & Device Testing

The user

is the art of the experience.
Thoughtful design on any product is a must nowadays. Our team consists of highly talented UXUI experts, including our CEO.
  • Persona Mapping, User Journeys, User Flows, Wire-Framing
  • Lean UX, Agile Methods
  • Design Systems
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Product Input & Direction
  • A/B Testing
The next step

in bleeding edge tech.

Our Flylancers thrive in building predictive models with a deep knowledge of neural networks and natural language processing.
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern recognition
  • Data acquisition and sensing
  • Pre-processing of input data
  • Feature extraction
  • Classification
  • Post-processing
  • Deep learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
We can capture, integrate, enrich, and visualize

your data.

Being data-driven, quite simply, is the methodology of having a thought-out question or goal, having a single place that has the answer, and knowing where this single place is.
  • Data Governance
  • Strategy, Visualization, Ethics, Policies, and Provenance
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Data Modeling & Design
  • Data Storage & Operations
  • Data Integration & Interoperability
  • Reference Data Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Monetization
  • Predictive Analytics

Development & operations

keep applications running effectively.
We can design and implement standard procedures to build, deploy, and configure your product.
  • CI and CD Tools
  • Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure)
  • Managing Multiple Environments
  • QA Script Testing
  • More

Superior cloud architecture

is the heart of any application.
We are extremely well versed in various technologies to deliver a world-renowned infrastructure.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsfot Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Container Technology
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Load Balancing
  • VPCs / VNets
  • Gateways
  • Network Protocols
  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC)

Modern trading systems

are revolutionizing the way markets operate.
We bring over 30 years of experience to this space.
  • New Project Discovery
  • Order Routing Systems
  • FIX & Binary Protocols
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Event Processing Engines
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Exchange Simulations
  • Back Office Recording
  • Clearing & settlement

Vetting Process

The Basics
  • Check
  • Check
  • Check
  • Check
  • Check
    Character Assessment
  • Check
    Language Fluency Test
  • Check
    Commit History Review
  • Check
    Technical Examination
Background Check
  • Check
    Checks via Checkr
  • Check
    No Criminal History
  • Check
    No Bankruptcies
  • Check
    Optional Add-Ons


Eugene Headshot
Eugene has a PHD and MBA from MIT and has built Machine Learning models at companies like Twitter and Huawei.
Bart Headshot
Bart holds years of experience building Blockchain solutions on a variety of platforms including Hyperledger fabric, Indy, Ethereum and R3 Corda.

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