Time to Give Others a Voice

Shutting up - why? When?

How important is it?

Wow. Huge topic for this guy! King of ramble, I’ve been told in a men’s group I attend to “Tim why don’t you just listen today and Tim, wait for others to finish speaking and then pause, think and bring something of value to the discussion” “Tim you are on 4 minute share.

I’ll tap my watch when it’s time to shut up”. Haha wow. Was I pissed! Me? Talk to much? I don’t listen? Me?? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Top 3 things to help me slow down & listen

  • I personally say a little prayer & ask for guidance to simply be helpful, to listen & be honest.
  • I breath & focus on them when they speak. If I accidentally clash & we speak at the same time I automatically defer to them & say “please my fault” I’m listening.
  • Ask questions they are about them & just shut up. Let them roll. If they soak up the full 30 minutes then so be it.

It’s not about me! It just isn’t.

More on my next blog post about listening & techniques on listening.

I hope this was helpful to someone today.  

Thank you!,