React Native IOS Application

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    Dallas, Texas
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Our client Penhole came to us when they were just three employees looking for a team to build out their application design, development, and infrastructure.


When approached, they had implemented most of the web crawling and data scraping infrastructure but had not started to build any form of UI. We were tasked to research, design, propose, and implement the entire iOS application.


  • Conduct market research, and ensure UX/UI is designed in parallel with the engineering team
  • React Native as the application framework so Penhole could easily release to Android in the future
  • Implement Redux & Thunk to handle state management and asynchronous business logic
  • Firebase brought in to accomplish user authentication and application engagement.
  • Create styled-components and utilize UI Kitten to build out the user interface
  • Bring in various development-related modules to improve code quality and the developer experience


  • The Initial version of the application was released ahead of schedule.
  • The app has a 4.9 star rating.
  • There have been 6K+ downloads in the marketplace.
  • Downloads span across more than 350 cities.