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We were tasked with on-boarding 100% of the existing DMA clients (brokerage firms, proprietary trading companies, hedge funds, etc.) onto a new gateway infrastructure to interface with the matching engine.


There were hundreds of clients to transition, and many of them did not have enough internal technology expertise to internally make the changes. The exchange had a tight timeline for the migration project, but was also short-staffed internally.


  • Employ a managed service approach to take the migration workload away from the exchange
  • Deploy a 4-person team on-site to act as the “migration support team” for all exchange clients
  • Build Shell Script based tools and diagnostics
  • Build Java tools to automate the migration and certify the clients on the new platform
  • Create a FIX 4.2 protocol-based training materials to help walk the clients through the process step by step


  • Several hundred clients were successfully migrated onto the new platform within the client’s timeframe
  • Even reluctant exchange clients were ushered through the process as we convinced them of the benefits of the move
  • Performance increased on the new platform, and exchange volumes have soared since the migration